Specialized Resources

Complex litigation or the exacting requirements of corporate internal investigations often require specialized resources such as the following:

  • Document Examination - When forensic document analysis is required to determine authenticity, authorship or handling of critical documents, our associates will apply specialized skills and knowledge to the problem.
  • Electronic Counter Measures - Using the latest in detection technology, our TSCM (technical services countermeasures) associates are available to conduct sweeps of corporate or residential space to detect electronic intrusion or other compromise of a company's communication systems.
  • Executive Protection - The exponential growth of both domestic and international threats has made special protection services desirable and in some cases essential. Cannon Street's cadre of highly trained and experienced protection professionals stands prepared for any exacting assignment.
  • Polygraph - An investigative tool used to determine the veracity of witnesses, the polygraph can be effective in resolving issues in the workplace such as allegations of workers compensation fraud, and insurance fraud.
  • Surveillance/Photography - Our field associates are among the best in the business. Using cutting edge video and still photography equipment, they acquire graphic images that enhance other investigation methodologies.