General Services

Our broad array of general investigative services is designed to serve the special needs of clients in the corporate and law communities

  • Litigation Support and Investigation - From the inception of a lawsuit through the fact gathering stage and into negotiation and settlement, Cannon Street investigators will acquire salient facts crucial to your success in the courtroom. Our services include: identifying, locating, and interviewing witnesses, providing specialized services such as document examination and polygraph, conducting fact investigations, locating assets, acquiring and reviewing documents, conducting background investigations of opposing parties, and providing expert testimony.
  • Executive Background Investigations - In today's world of international business, it is more challenging than ever before to find the right executive. Because the risks are higher, conducting thorough and accurate background investigations with the utmost discretion is imperative. Cannon Street can customize inquiries to any level of detail required. As a result, senior management will be better able to confirm credentials and choose top talent.
  • Due Diligence Analysis - Accurate, timely information is the key to a successful business transaction whether it is a merger or acquisition, new financial arrangement, investment, personnel decision, venture capital proposal, or marketing strategy. Cannon Street's diverse network of associates represents a strategic edge in an increasingly competitive global market.
  • Fraud Investigation - We provide sophisticated investigative resources in the areas of employee thefts, internal and external embezzlements, loan application fraud, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations, bribery, kickbacks, and other breaches of business and fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Workplace Violence Consultation - Cannon Street professionals with extensive backgrounds in risk assessment, organizational consultation/intervention, and years of experience with individuals who threaten or commit violence or harassment in the workplace are available on a consulting basis. Working in close coordination with human resources staff, labor case counsel, security professionals, and law enforcement officials, these consultants provide the specialized assessment and management expertise you need to resolve such issues.
  • Security Surveys and Risk Analysis - Office managers and building owners should review security systems and security manuals regularly. Cannon Street's security professionals have the technical knowledge and conceptual expertise to conduct detailed assessments then recommend new systems or enhancements to existing systems. They also can help evaluate the nature and probability of internal and external threats to corporations and individuals.
  • Harassment Complaints - The incidence of harassment complaints in government and private industry has increased in recent years. Such suits can have a disruptive effect on productivity, public relations and employee morale. Cannon Street's discreet, objective, and thorough investigations can uncover information that may lead to informal resolutions and avoid costly litigation. Cannon Street investigators and specialists have the training, experience and consulting skills that are vital to the satisfactory settlement of such complaints. The process includes sensitive, objective interviews of all parties involved, analysis of disparate treatment, and application of government and private industry models for adjudication.
  • Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets - A new company's success or failure in an increasingly competitive global economy often depends on protection of intellectual property. Theft of trade secrets, copyright violations, counterfeit products, industrial espionage, violation of non-compete clauses, gray market trafficking, product theft and other IP issues can be addressed by Cannon Street's specialized methodology and case management expertise.
  • Asset Searches and Judgment Recovery - Surveys have revealed that approximately 80% of judgments are not satisfied. Often this failure to follow-through on a court decision is due to inexperience or lack of basic knowledge about locating and seizing assets. Cannon Street has a solid track record of locating assets that will satisfy a judgment award. By assigning the judgment for a specified period the client takes advantage of Cannon Street's expertise in drafting and filing complex court documents, following through on asset seizure, and transferal back to the judgment creditor. As judgment assignee, Cannon Street absorbs all costs in return for a percentage of assets successfully recovered.